Review: Ren Overnight Recovery Balm

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As you probably know, sleep is one of the most important paths to well-being. During this time, the brain detoxes, the skin heals and we have a chance to reset. Naturally, I want to be using the best products at night, to amplify skin rejuvenation, as the cell turnover can double overnight (!!!).

But also, I want something extremely non toxic, as nighttime products absorb deeply as we sleep. Enter Ren Overnight Recovery Balm. This thick, balmy babe uses oils to help soothe damage and hydrate dry/sensitive skin.

First, it smells divine. Super natural, light, and delicate (they don’t add any synthetic fragrance, thank god) which I love. I was a little apprehensive about the texture at first. It is just so THICK. It has the appearance of vasoline which is a bit scary to rub over your face, at least for me. But it absolutely melts into the skin and smoothes over any other products beautifully. I typical use this over my nighttime cream, concentrating on any super dry patches. It is a small jar but you only need the tiniest amount, maybe a pea-size or slightly more. If you put this on like a regular cream it will be WAY too much. 


The results? My skin is so so so super soft the next morning. Like buttery smooth, soothed, soft and hydrated. It also seems to combat redness, as my skin seems more luminous, even after one night. Just the perfect product for dry, winter skin. Really highly recommend this, one of the best purchases of 2019.

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Review: Ren Overnight Recovery BalmReview: Ren Overnight Recovery Balm