The Best Serum Foundation

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It’s nice when your favorite foundation ever ever ever is also super clean. Perfection. This Kosas tinted face oil has been my go-to daily foundation since I purchased it last year. I was super excited to see Sephora carrying the range but the foundation is what I had my eye on the longest.


It feels so unique. The consistency is unreal – and unlike any other foundation I’ve tried. It’s a super lightweight oil that blends effortlessly and actually provides coverage. Plus, you know, it just looks like Your Skin But Better and who doesn’t love that?!? I love how soft and easy this product is. And it wears through the day very well, doesn’t oxidize or settle into any fine lines or dry patches. I typically use a little setting powder with this but it does provide a natural, satin finish on its own. 


Also, I found both powder and cream blush work amazingly well with this foundation. If you have dry skin, you will love it, as the oil base makes it very moisturizing and comfortable without being greasy.

If you have dry skin, you will loveeee it. Overall, I really recommend this for easy, every day, natural coverage.

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The Best Serum FoundationThe Best Serum Foundation