Roundup: Bite Beauty

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Just a bite!! 💋 Kicking off the week with some of the best lip products around. I’ve been a huge fan of Bite Beauty for years – seriously they are one of those brands that kills it with every release. ⁣I noticed most of line was on clearance to make way for something new. Standing by for the latest release but for now, I’ll be using up what I have and enjoying every last BITE! 



Seen here: French Press gloss in Salted Caramel. I’m not the biggest gloss gal but this is really pretty and pigmented on its own. While a bit sticky, it does last a long time and applies with a nice opacity and thickness.




Seen here: the Nighttime Lip Therapy Agave Balm. Mmmmm am I the only one that think an overnight lip mask sounds just dreamy? This is really a thicker, more luxurious take on vasoline. It really coats and seals in moisture over your lips while you sleep. I can’t say I felt much of a difference in the morning, but I really love using this once in a while as a treatment.




Seen here: Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Chai. I will always just LOVE their classic lip colors. Rich, creamy, and good enough to eat, they feel silky smooth, creamy & pigmented. Beautiful, even application experience and pleasant scent. I hope they release an updated version soon, as they are reformulating and releasing in 2020.

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